12.2019           Backpack



Customizable backpack which can fold open to help organize and use the most important things you bring.

Prototype with help from Francesca Giulia Poli

In collaboration with  NASA

Astronauts are allowed to take only one bag with personal belongings to space. By making the most out of this bag, it can provide more emotional comfort, sense of belonging and functionality to the personal area in a spaceship.
Comparable to nomadic lifestyles, living on a journey requires emotional stability and a certain mindset to let things go, which means the things you do have, become more important. Just like a home contains things with emotional value, so does this bag. It has an emotional value and represents home in a portable form.
The backpack can fold open due to the zipper along the top, side and bottom. Once opened, the flat surface can be hung and secured to a wall and used as an organizer for the things you bring. The pockets are removable and can be placed anywhere on the inside by velcro, allowing you to change easily it to your preferences and needs.

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