Seppe van Heusden
Selected work: 2017— now

2020 Extrapolate

Suspended luminaire connected between two points. Different configurations allow it to complement and extend object and context.

2020 Intersect

Free-standing luminaire/hanger fitting to a corner for stability. Configurable for either side and hanging variation.

2020 Offset

Hanging table/desk accessory for storage of documents and smaller items, complementing and extending the surface.

2019 Contrast

Ceramic vase/carafe which makes use of the combination of 3D printing and porcelain casting.

2019 Aria

Battery-powered luminaire for flexible usage and placement. It can easily switch between a standing and balancing configuration.

Exhibited at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

2019 Inside/out

Customizable backpack which can fold open to help organize and use the most important things you bring.

In collaboration with NASA

2019 Norder

Hallway hanger which allows for an organized chaos to simplify coming in and going out of the home.

Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2019, In collaboration with IKEA

2018 Define Intuition

Abstract study into the use and power of intuition in making choices.

2018 North Poncho

In- and outdoor poncho for cold weather.

2017 Eindhoven

Printed graphic development for branding Eindhoven as a daring urban city.

Part of the Kei Black Collection